Legislative Corner

Ontario's land use planning legislation is changing - are you ready?

Ontario’s land use planning legislation is changing with great impact to the jobs you do. OPPI wants to help you in your understanding of the changes that are occurring.

We are providing links to legislation that has passed, along with an excellent summary developed by the firm Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) for your consideration. In the next section, you will find the regulations that the Province of Ontario is seeking input on.

In order to help you do the necessary consultation and facilitate conversation, we are looking to you, our RPPs, to guide us on how we can better facilitate this conversation and consultation in your roles.

We have developed a very short survey that will not take long to fill out asking what can we do to help – what specific items about the legislation listed above would you like to learn more about?

Fill out the survey today and let us know how we can help you!

Calling all RPPs!

The Ontario Government is updating legislative regulations related to the planning profession, and they need your feedback.

Many of the regulations being reviewed and open for comment directly impact the work you do each day. It is vital for Queen’s Park to hear from you, the Registered Planning Professional community, to better inform decision-makers and make a continued effort to provide the knowledge, expertise and skill you offer.

Below are links to the regulations related to the legislation listed above that will have an impact to the planning profession moving forward, and that are open for public comment. Members are being asked to provide their feedback directly to each related Ministry on the legislation you would like to comment on.

Please see the specific legislation and regulations for review, and the deadline to submit your input.

Legislation Deadline to submit input

Developing a Voluntary Carbon Offsets Program for Ontario

January 15, 2018

Building Better Lives: Ontario’s Long-Term Infrastructure Plan 2017

January 27, 2017

Proposed amendments to matters included in existing regulations under the Planning Act related to the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017 (Bill 139)

January 21, 2018

Proposed new regulation under the Planning Act to prescribe transitional provisions for the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017 (Bill 139)

January 21, 2018

Ontario’s approach to Climate Change Adaptation

January 21, 2018

Proposed regulation under the Planning Act related to inclusionary zoning

February 1, 2018

Proposed Methodology for Land Needs Assessment for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

February 28, 2018

Guideline on Community Emissions Reduction Planning

March 4, 2018

Protecting Water for Future Generations: Growing the Greenbelt in the Outer Ring

March 7, 2018

OPPI's Planning Issues Strategy Group

OPPI has a number of Standing Committees and Strategy Groups that guides and consults OPPI throughout the year. One of these Strategy Groups is the Planning Issues Strategy Group.

This group strengthens the voice of OPPI by scanning the planning profession and helps identify relevant planning issues that OPPI should focus on and to help inform choices and inspire communities. We are interested in hearing from you about the important issues within the planning profession!

Please send in your suggestions to submissions@ontarioplanners.ca and let us know of the topic you are writing about in the subject line of your email. If you choose to provide comment on any of the regulations noted above, please include your RPP designation in your signature and share your responses with us through the submissions@ontarioplanners.ca email address.