Community Readiness

Ontario Professional Planners InstituteSymposium

October 11 & 12, 2018 | Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON

Municipal World

Municipal World

As part of #OPPI18, we want to promote and highlight our generous sponsors. Please read more below about Municipal World and why they decided to sponsor #OPPI18.

What interested you in participating in #OPPI18?
Municipal World is interested in participating in #OPPI18 because we recognize Ontario Professional Planners Institute as the recognized voice of Ontario's planning profession. Through #OPPI18, Municipal World can help share your members stories - important lessons on current trends and practices in municipal planning that brings value to our members as well.
What services do you offer? Why might someone contact you?
Municipal World members benefit from a variety of services, including: research material; educational resources; Canada’s top Municipal Job Platform; the Digital Media Centre; along with daily, weekly and monthly municipal news. These things, along with our flagship monthly magazine, Municipal World, in both print and digital, are all delivered in a polished package that celebrates the past we’re so proud of, while forging new innovations to richly share their stories across every platform.
How does your company/organization work on community readiness?
Municipal World members appreciate staying up-to-date on community trends that cover all areas of municipal planning and development. Municipal World content is always timely and focuses on the challenges that municipal leaders are facing today.
Do you have any other information you would like to share with members?
Yes – we invite them to become a Municipal World Insider and gain access to the exclusive content on muncipalworld.com. And, if OPPI members have accomplished something that may be of interest to other communities, we hope they’ll pass it along, as well. We Share Your Stories!