2016/17 OPPI Council


Andrea Bourrie, RPP

Andrea Bourrie"OPPI is embarking on a journey of implementation, having successfully tackled several strategic issues facing the profession. I am proud to continue a strong tradition of proactive leadership. With a passion for translating strategic intent into real action and an in-depth understanding of OPPI, I have considerable skills and experience to bring to the position of President Elect. Committed to helping solidify OPPI’s new initiatives and administrative processes, I am excited to bring new relationships and partnerships to the table as we take the planning profession to the next level."

A member since 1991, Andrea has spent her 25 - year planning career tackling all kinds of planning, strategic and community development issues, which has enabled her to grow professionally and personally. She served as Central District representative on OPPI Council in 1999 when the Institute was also navigating an important transition—a new strategic direction and Council structure. Andrea developed and delivered a new examiner training program and has presided over OPPI Exam A. Currently, she is Principal of her own consulting firm, Bourrie Planning Services Inc.

President Elect

Jason Ferrigan, RPP

Jason Ferrigan"I would like to actively contribute to this exciting stage in the evolution of the profession. My objective is to help ensure that members can be part of a strong and vibrant self-regulating profession, take advantage of accessible and high quality professional learning opportunities and continue to lead and shape the public policy debate on issues that are central to creating healthy and sustainable communities"

Jason, Director of Planning and Capital Projects with Laurentian University, has been an active OPPI volunteer for the past 10 years—contributing to the Journal, working groups and committees, as well as having sat on OPPI Council on two occasions, most recently as a Director from 2013-2015.

Passionate about planning and knowledgeable about Ontario's many regions, Jason brings professional experience from a variety of positions. He is committed to engaging members, building effective working relationships, and implementing the Strategic Plan.

Director, Public Interest Representative and Secretary/Treasurer

Cheryl Horrobin, CPA, CA, AMCT

Cheryl Horrobin"I believe planning is a critical component of a successful public service team. My participation on OPPI Council would enhance inter-disciplinary communication and collaboration to the benefit of members and Ontario communities. My role as public director is to keep an open mind, giving and receiving feedback and taking the necessary action to keep OPPI policy and direction current and responsive to the needs of its members."

Cheryl has 20+ years of diverse experience in finance, operations, risk management and municipal policy development and implementation in small- and medium-sized municipalities in Southwestern Ontario. She is experienced in working with municipal planners, councils, staff and community members in a number of contexts. She has also served on various committees and boards. Cheryl is currently the Director of Finance for the Town of Lakeshore.  


Kathy Suggitt, RPP

Photo_Kathy_Suggitt_2017.jpg“I am seeking a second term on Council to continue to contribute to leading OPPI members into the realm of professional regulation, and a commitment to excellence through continuous professional learning. I am committed to the profession and to ensuring our members have confidence in OPPI as an organization, in its governance and leadership, and in the integrity and profile of the RPP designation.” 

Now in her second Council term at OPPI, and a member of the Governance and Nominating Committee, Kathy has contributed to leading our professional members into the domain of professional regulation. Her current position as Manager of Policy Planning at the County of Simcoe and a variety of previous positions have enabled her to build effective relationships with municipal, regional, provincial and consulting planners as well as with other professionals. 


Tracey Ehl, RPP


“Professional - Accountable - Future-driven - Collaborative - Progressive. OPPI’s new Strategic Plan will be officially launched in October 2016. It was an honour to be a part of the strategic planning team and to hear the ideas and hopes of hundreds of stakeholders. It holds many opportunities for OPPI, its members and for the public. I am putting my name forward to assist with the process of change, translating this strategic direction to positive action for OPPI members. I am a committed team member and advocate for our profession. I support OPPI’s strategic focus of quality professionals and quality practice in the public interest.”

Tracey brings strong collaboration and communication skills, creativity, commitment and a sense of adventure to this position. An RPP since 1997, she has served as an examiner since 2005, and is currently serving as the OPPI representative on the Professional Standards Board Accreditation Committee for University Planning Programs.

For the last 12 years, Tracey has been the Principal of Ehl Harrison Consulting Inc., with a focus on stakeholder consultation, communication and community development. She is also a Certified Professional Facilitator, recently completed a certificate in Sustainability at the University of Toronto, and has now embarked on doctoral studies.


Bruce Curtis, RPP

Photo-Bruce-Curtis-2-1.jpg“I would like to continue my contribution to the planning profession, and in particular to OPPI, to help ensure the continued growth, stability, consistency and relevance of the profession and the Institute. OPPI needs to continue to provide support, learning and development opportunities, and professional regulation to candidates and members to contribute to the evolution of planning and planning policies.”

Bruce's experience with the planning profession and the Institute includes a wide range of volunteer contributions spanning 30 years. He has served on both the national and provincial Institutes, including being the Chair of the 1992 National/Provincial Planning Conference, two Planning for the Future Task Forces, two terms on OPPI Council (1991-1995), and was the Founding Director and Secretary Treasurer of the Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada (2012-2016). He recently retired as Regional Director for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in the West Region of the Province.


Jeffrey Port, RPP

Jeff-Port.jpg“I believe that it is the duty of every professional planner to provide volunteer service to his/her profession over the course of their career. I have performed several volunteer functions with OPPI over the years, and serving as a Director would be the culmination of all my past years of volunteer service. I have closely followed the changes in the planning profession over the past 30 years, and I’m pleased that we have continued to ensure that planners exhibit a high degree of competence in their chosen field.”

Jeff has served OPPI in various capacities over the years, including: Northern District Committee member; Membership Outreach Committee member; and Nominating and Governance Committee member (and past Chair). He is currently Director of Planning and Development for the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls. 


Justine Giancola, RPP

Justine Giancola"I wish to serve on Council to continue to give back and advance our profession. I feel Council has an important role to play in the changing needs of the profession, and hope to continue to find ways to make the organization valuable and relevant to our members. I hope to bring energy, passion, dedication and determination to my role as Director on Council."

Justine has served OPPI as the Toronto District Chair, a member of the Planning Knowledge Exchange and the Program Chair of the Toronto District since 2010. During this time, she has led a talented and dedicated group of volunteers with a focus on providing the utmost value to our membership and enhancing the professional environment in which we practice.

Justine is an Associate and Project Manager with Dillon Consulting, who counsels her public and private sector clients through a range of land use planning challenges across the province. Her passion for healthy and sustainable communities shines through in her work and in her day-to-day life.


Paul Lowes, RPP

Paul Lowes"In my nearly 30 years of practice, urban planning has become far more complex and diverse. The policy led planning regime is now complex and multi-layered. The complexity and diversity of the profession attests to the need for continued quality professional learning for our members. I am excited to help the planning profession continue on this road to strengthen each of us individually as planners and the Institute as a whole."

Paul has been a practicing planner since 1986 and an OPPI Member since 1990.   He has served in a number of volunteer roles with OPPI over the past two decades. Paul is one of the founding principles of SGL Planning & Design Inc.  His planning practice takes him across Ontario where he provides planning advice to small and large municipalities and to a range of private sector clients.


Benjamin Puzanov, RPP

Ben Puzanov"I am honoured to serve on OPPI Council. My interest to do so stemmed from a desire to build on the important work that has been done by the Institute in laying the foundation for the regulation of the planning profession in Ontario. Our association and the planning profession are evolving and I am excited at the prospects of making positive contributions to this process through a leadership role with OPPI. Coupled with attaining self-regulation for the profession, I will endeavour to continue the expansion of OPPI's professional development opportunities and work to ensure that training is widely delivered using a variety of methods; including classroom and on-line instruction. I am also interested in further engaging our membership regarding continuous learning offerings in order to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of current and future planners across our province."

Ben has been an active volunteer with OPPI since 2009 and has had the privilege to meet and work with many of our members. Ben has served on the program committee for the Southwest District and volunteered for the Ontario Planning Journal in a number of roles. In addition to an educational background in planning, Ben has formal training in public administration.


Adam Wright, RPP

Photo-Adam-Wright-2.jpg“It is with great humility that I submit a nomination to serve on OPPI Council recognizing the formative work of previous OPPI colleagues in the development of the planning profession in Ontario. OPPI’s commitment to nurturing future planners is evident and I am excited about the potential ways in which I can contribute to these ongoing efforts. Additionally, I am eager to work with my fellow Council members in the continued development of an organization that provides its members with relevant and accessible learning opportunities. My desire to contribute in a leadership role is rooted in a passion for creating meaningful planning processes as well an ambition to continue building on the strong foundation laid by my OPPI colleagues and predecessors.”

Adam has been actively involved with OPPI since he first volunteered as a student representative for the University of Guelph in 2011. He then served as OPPI Student Delegate where he had the opportunity to sit on council as well as Chair of the Student Liaison Committee. Adam currently works as a Special Project Officer with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.