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Consultant Directory

Find the skilled RPP to meet your exact needs. The Consultant Directory connects you to Ontario’s specifically trained, educated and ethically committed RPPs. Planners gather and analyze information from every side of an issue and provide the critical unbiased perspective and expertise necessary across every sector to help guide the crucial decision making that will shape the future of our communities.

Connecting with a planner or consultant through OPPI’s Planning Consultant Directory ensures you will reach the right professional with the specific skill set you require and RPPs who are certified by OPPI, have met rigorous entry-to-practice standards and follow the Professional Code of Practice.

To use the directory, specify the category of RPP you are looking for (e.g., land use, environmental, transportation, etc.) and the relevant geographic location. Consulting RPPs will want to post a listing to the Consultancy Directory to ensure they are found by potential clients.

This directory lists and briefly describes professional planning consulting firms located or doing business in Ontario that have one or more Full, Candidate or Candidate (Provisional) members of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) on staff.

Note that the contact person shown in each listing is not necessarily an OPPI member. Listings are voluntary, so some eligible firms may not be included.

The listings follow a standard format. You can use the index to identify firms by contact name, company name, city or service.

Listings of a firm in this directory and on the OPPI website do not constitute endorsement by OPPI of the firm or the service it offers.

Member Register

OPPI also maintains a searchable Member Register of all its members, including RPPs who are certified by OPPI and have met rigorous entry-to-practice standards. Corporate members of OPPI must follow the Professional Code of Practice.

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