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RPP: A regulated, professional designation.

OPPI advocates for best planning practices to inform choices and inspire communities in the public interest. The future of our communities absolutely depend upon them. This can be best achieved by ensuring that the planning profession is held accountable to the government, and all people of Ontario; our community stakeholders.

In 1994, the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Act, a piece of private legislation, was passed. It was the first in Canada to protect the title “Registered Professional Planner/RPP,” however, many other provinces have since passed public legislation regarding the regulation of the planning profession that surpasses the Ontario Professional Planners Act.

Where we were once at the forefront, we are now quite behind. If we are to ensure accountability to the government and people of Ontario that we envision, we need to catch up. If we wish to raise awareness of the importance of planning and the role of the planning profession in informing, creating and fostering inspired communities, we need robust public legislation.

OPPI continues to enforce its Professional Code of Practice and Standards of Practice, which set the benchmark for quality practice among quality planning professionals in accordance with the 1994 Act.