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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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506: A Way Forward for a Healthy Future with Indigenous Perspectives Shaping Planning

October 02, 2019

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Nearly 15 years after the pivotal cases surrounding the duty to consult, there has been discussion around Municipal-Indigenous engagement evolving beyond the focus on legal concepts of the duty, to a discussion that acknowledges this duty as the very basic expectation. However, the legal question of the municipal role in this Crown duty to consult and accommodate remains the main focus for many planners, and there has been a clear call from Indigenous and non-Indigenous planners and consultation specialists alike for more guidance and clarity around just how to navigate this ever-changing legal landscape. In this session, participants will learn how the landscape of engagement between municipalities and Indigenous communities is evolving, and how that affects efforts around the topics of climate change, uneven growth and tecnology, understand how treaties are shaping planning and learn where to look for guidance around engaging Indigenous communities.