Are We The North?

April 01, 2016 | Posted by OPPI | Post Contributed by Sue Heffernan, RPP | engagement, history, human settlement, northern Ontario | 0 comments
Are We The North?
Historians and Geographers have often noted that Canadians claim to be 'northerners' but they don't travel or read about the north. In 1972, Daniel Francis wrote:

"Canadians may think that we are a northern people, but blessed little attention has ever been paid to the area or its inhabitants; unless, that is, the Americans show an interest in it, or there appears to be the possibility of some gigantic mineral discovery."
Rural communities are home to approximately one in five Ontario residents, who experience unique environments and lived experiences that can contribute to specific, and often negative health outcomes. These health outcomes call for concerted action and responsive public policy.

Curate The City

February 01, 2016 | Posted by OPPI | Post Contributed by Mojan Jianfar, on behalf of The STEPS Initiative | capacity building, Community, community design, community engagement, Engagement, healthy communities, Public Art, public realm | 0 comments
Curate The City
Construction boarding lines our streets for up to five years. An otherwise unwelcome disruption can be used as a blank canvas to engage local citizens in community building activities. With momentum building among Toronto's city councillors to require public art on these vacant spaces, there is a growing demand for public art from Council, as well as the public, and the opportunity to transform them into an outdoor gallery for residents and visitors alike.

Give your car a break!

January 05, 2016 | Posted by OPPI | Post Contributed by Liliana da Silva (Region of Peel), Mary Bracken (City of Mississauga) | active transportation, community engagement, Environmental Planning & Issues | 0 comments
Give your car a break!
Delegates at the 2015 OPPI Conference in Toronto learned about the challenges associated with social media as an engagement tool in the Let Your Green Show campaign, where Peel residents were encouraged to take action on climate change in their communities. This included the resources and logistics required to undertake a public sector social media campaign.

Human Capital: Today and Tomorrow

November 18, 2015 | Posted by OPPI | Post Contributed by Kurt Tiltack | Management & Leadership, Succession Planning | 0 comments
Human Capital: Today and Tomorrow
Typically, people are aware of the technical skills required to be successful, but most are quite uncertain about the soft skills deemed necessary for team and leadership achievement. These core competencies must be defined, communicated and understood by individual contributors within an organization for honest and transparent talent management and succession planning to occur.

Walking Toward the Future

November 02, 2015 | Posted by OPPI | Post Contributed by Dan Burden and Rob Voigt, RPP | active transportation, blue zones, community design, community engagement, healthy communities, placemaking | 3 comments
Walking Toward the Future
In the week that preceded the recent OPPI conference in Toronto, Dan Burden (Honorary Member of OPPI) and I (Robert Voigt, MCIP, RPP) had a number of conversations about the future of planning. As friends and colleagues we enjoy these discussions and the inspiration we derive from them.
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