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OPPI Digital Learning

OPPI launches Planners Connect, our member engagement platform, connecting planners from across Ontario to inform choices, inspire communities and advance planning practices.

In these changing times, the need to stay connected, learn and evolve as professional planners has not changed. It's important to do so for your own roles and professional development.
OPPI is connecting planners from across Ontario through our Planners Connect platform so you can be inspired, join provocative conversations, expand your networks and hear from trusted voices in the planning profession. This is your opportunity to engage with members all over Ontario to connect, learn and grow:

  • Connect: Join like-minded members across Ontario in different discussions and communities.
  • Learn: Start a dialogue or join a conversation to advance peer learning.
  • Grow: Post a message, share your insights and expertise and resources to help grow our collective expertise.

Planners Connect is a free resource members can use as part of your OPPI membership. Join our Planners Connect community today to connect, learn and grow. 

planners connect portal