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OPPI requires members to participate in a program of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL), offering Courses & Events, providing electronic learning resources via Digital Learning and the Planning Exchange Blog, which will be launched later this year, and by publishing the Ontario Planning Journal.

Through CPL, OPPI’s members develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes required for practice by professional planners within two realms: Functional and Enabling Competencies.

What is the link between CPL and the Core Competencies?
Practicing members have different CPL needs depending on where they are in their career and geographic location. The Core Competencies listed above should be utilized as a guide for focusing your lifelong professional development in the areas where it is required.

When attending events, workshops, and courses, we encourage you to map your participation with conscious direction and alignment with the Core Competencies and your personal CPL needs. Additionally, OPPI has developed a Learning Strategy to support members to develop and maintain their competencies as professional planners.

The enforcement of a CPL requirement encourages the public to trust that OPPI and its members are committed to on-going competence, and to the advancement of the profession and the public interest.


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