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Continuous Professional Learning

Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) is mandatory and part of professional certification. CPL is intended to help members keep current with changes and developments in the profession and to stay informed about innovations and leading practices. The CPL Program Guide provides members with details about the program, learning activities and units. You can record your CPL activities by logging in to your Member Profile.

CPL includes formal or programmed activities such as taking courses, attending conferences and workshops, teaching, and watching documentaries and other films as an organized group, as well as self-directed activities such as reading, mentoring and volunteering. The enforcement of a CPL requirement encourages the public to trust that OPPI and its members are committed to on-going competence and to the advancement of the profession in the public interest.

18 Learning Unit credits are required annually. One Learning Unit equals one hour of direct planning-related learning (with some exceptions). A minimum of nine Learning Units must be structured and a maximum of nine Learning Units may be individually directed. Up to 9 structured Learning Units may be carried forward to the following year.

To help members make the most of their CPL commitments each year, OPPI has developed a tool called the Learning Path. This tool encourages members to consider their learning needs to establish goals, strengthen core competencies and begin developing new skills to advance their careers.

View the FAQ handout for answers to popular questions on the CPL Program.