Learning Strategy

Ensuring professional planners have the skills, knowledge and commitment to the public interest is imperative to planning the communities and spaces the next generation needs. OPPI is implementing a learning strategy to support members to develop and maintain their competencies as professional planners. This strategy is a tool to assist staff and the Planning Knowledge Exchange (PKE) Committee with the dissemination and delivery of programs to advance the body of knowledge of the planning practice.
OPPI’s learning strategy supports members in meeting their continuous professional learning (CPL) requirements, building upon the current delivery of OPPI’s skills based courses, District and partner events, bi-annual Symposiums or Conferences, and the Ontario Planning Journal. Broken down into three phases, twelve priority topics have been identified by our members as a foundation for professional development programs.

*It is important to note that although OPPI will focus its educational efforts on developing content and material in a variety of mediums for the subject areas mentioned above, members are not obligated to focus their CPL only on these subject areas.