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The planning profession offers opportunities to shape the built, social, cultural and natural environments that frame the human experience. Exploring and influencing the complexities and nuances offer professional planners multiple pathways to develop their expertise and fulfill their passion. Whatever the path, professional planners engage a broad array of ideas, perspectives and possibilities.

OPPI is the recognized voice of the planning profession in Ontario. The Institute develops and maintains a Professional Code of Practice and provides member oversight through a Discipline Committee in the public interest.

OPPI leads and supports members to plan and Advocate for healthy and sustainable communities, is a resource for planning excellence through its Knowledge Centre and offers professional and business networks through the Member Register and Planning Consultants Directory. Members of OPPI receive six issues per year of the Ontario Planning Journal.

Full and Retired members benefit from the exclusive use of the Protected Title and RPP Designation, a Document Stamp or Embosser, and a group purchasing plan for Professional Liability Insurance.

Please note that you will continue to renew your membership separately with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). Membership in CIP is not mandatory but OPPI encourages you to remain a member of CIP to support professional planning throughout Canada. Once you renew your membership with OPPI, you are then eligible to renew your membership with CIP. For further information, contact the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) by emailing or calling 1.800.207.2138. You can also read OPPI's 2017 Membership Renewal FAQ for more information.

OPPI encourages its Full members to use the rubber stamp or metal embosser to signify that a plan or report was prepared by (or under the supervision of) an RPP. Using the stamp or seal personalized with your name reminds and assures clients and others that you are a professional who assumes responsibility for your work (and that of your employees). It also increases public awareness of the planning profession and its high standards of competence, integrity, and the Professional Code of Practice that you uphold as an RPP. Complete the Order Form and email it to Director of Finance & Administration.

Candidate and Full Members are recognized as professional planners in all provinces and territories.

Membership requirements vary for different categories of members:

I'm a student…

…interested in planning. You are encouraged to Apply for Student membership to become a Student Member of OPPI. Student members are eligible for OPPI Scholarships.

I'm a Candidate (provisional) member prior to October 1, 2012…

For information on the Membership Course (Exam B), Record of Practical Work Experience (Logs), Professional Exam (Exam A), and your Roles & Responsibility in the new Candidate (Provisional) Membership process, click here.

I'm a practicing planner seeking Full membership…

Full membership in OPPI tells the public, your clients and colleagues that you are a fully qualified and experienced planner who observes a Professional Code of Practice. The first step towards Full membership is to become a Candidate member of OPPI. You must go through the application process with the Professional Standards Board which confirms to OPPI that you are eligible for Candidate membership. The Professional Standards Board is a national body that reviews applications for membership, and administers the certification standard. Once the Professional Standards Board confirms to OPPI that you are eligible to become a Candidate member, OPPI will contact you and invite you to Apply to become a Candidate member of OPPI/CIP.

I'm a practicing planner but do not qualify for Candidate membership…

You intend to become a Candidate member, but do not yet qualify for Candidate membership. For instance -

  • You have a recognized planning degree, but are not yet working in planning, or
  • You do not have a recognized planning degree, but have been working in planning less than 5 years, and you have been in contact with the Professional Standards Board, which has confirmed that you will likely qualify to become a Candidate Member.

If either of these options describe your current position, then you may Apply to become a Pre-Candidate member. While working towards qualifying for Candidate membership, Pre-Candidates enjoy all the benefits of membership except those reserved for Full and Candidate members.

I'm a non-planner…

...and although I do not practice or intend to practice planning, I do have a general interest in planning and in OPPI. You are encouraged to Apply to become a Public Subscriber and enjoy all the benefits of membership except those reserved for Full and Candidate members.

I'm a planner in another province and moving to Ontario…

If you are a Full or Candidate member of CIP and one of its affiliates, your membership is in good standing and you have moved to Ontario, OPPI will accept you as a member. To transfer your membership file to OPPI, contact in writing the affiliate to which you currently belong.

I'm a planner residing in another province and want to join OPPI…

If you are a Full member of CIP, OPPI will accept you as a Full member even if you do not live in Ontario. You may be a Full member of both your home affiliate in the province in which you live and OPPI. At membership renewal time, you will pay your CIP fee and insurance through your home affiliate and your Full member (out of province) fee to OPPI. To join OPPI Apply here.

I'm a planner in another country…

You must apply for Candidate membership through the Professional Standards Board. If the PSB confirms to OPPI that you are eligible, OPPI will contact you and invite you to apply for Candidate Membership. 

I'm a previous OPPI Member and wish to reinstate my membership…

To Apply to reinstate your membership, you need your OPPI membership number. Can't locate it? Contact for assistance.

I'm an OPPI Member moving to another province…

If you are a Full or Candidate Member of OPPI, your membership is in good standing and you are moving to another province, the affiliate province will accept you as a member. To transfer your membership file, contact to request such and provide your new contact information.