2016/2017 OPPI Council photo


Strategic thinking is a critical component of sound governance. The Ontario Professional Planners Institute strives to demonstrate excellence in its governance. The priority of Council is to guide the organization through policy decisions and strategic directions. As a non-profit organization, OPPI’s activities and progress are overseen by a group of volunteers who are accountable for all its activities and accomplishments: the board of directors or Council.

Given the strategic goal of moving towards professional regulation, OPPI’s structure demonstrates a commitment to excellence in governance, public accountability and practitioner competence. The governing body is comprised of nine to eleven members- including President, Secretary/Treasurer, President-Elect and one voting public member- motivated individuals drawn from diverse backgrounds, who work together effectively with professional acumen, foresight and creativity. 

OPPI Council meets four times a year. Agendas and minutes are available, upon request to the OPPI office

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Jason Ferrigan, RPP

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Jason Ferrigan

President Elect

Justine Giancola, RPP

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Justine Giancola

Director, Secretary/Treasurer

Paul Lowes, RPP

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Paul Lowes

Director, Public Interest Representative

Nathan Hyde

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Nathan Hyde


Jeffrey Port, RPP

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Jeffrey Port


Tracey Ehl, RPP

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Tracey Ehl


Bruce Curtis, RPP

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Bruce Curtis


Adam Wright, RPP

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Adam Wright


Claire Basinski, RPP

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Claire Basinski


Matthew Cory, RPP

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Matthew Cory


Eldon Theodore, RPP

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Eldon Theodore