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Call for Volunteers

Professional Standards & Registration Committee

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is seeking a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) to become a member of its Professional Standards & Registration Committee (PSRC) for a three-year term of office. The priorities of the PSRC include providing Ontario-specific insight concerning existing practice standards; developing and maintaining the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) standards; addressing provincial legislation that impacts the practice of planning; and deciding on issues in membership applications at the request of the registrar. As a member of this committee, you may become eligible to be appointed as a representative to other bodies, such as OPPI's Discipline Committee and the Professional Standards Board (PSB) and Professional Standards Committee (PSC). The PSRC is a standing committee mandated to help Council fulfill its governance responsibilities.

Who is eligible for a position on this committee?

It is recommended that candidates for the PSRC have five years' experience as a Full Member of OPPI. Volunteers on this committee are well-grounded in professionalism and ethics, knowledgeable about the core competencies of planning and standards for continuous professional learning and have a general understanding of OPPI's Professional Code of Practice. Volunteers are familiar with OPPI's Standards of Practice and By-law and are also familiar with the PSB's certification criteria and routes of entry into the certification process. Volunteer experience, as a mentor or sponsor, reviewing exams or acting as a Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) reviewer for the PSB, is an asset. Volunteers are committed to accountability and practitioner competence, and possess professional acumen, foresight and creativity.

What are the responsibilities?

As a member of the PSRC, your responsibilities include:

  • Being familiar with the goals and objectives of OPPI
  • Attending all scheduled meetings (4-6 annually, one in-person, three to five teleconferences)
  • Reviewing all relevant material prior to meetings
  • Being prepared to discuss and voice an objective opinion concerning agenda topics

The committee's accomplishments in 2016

The committee set policies for the mandatory CPL program, including exemptions and penalties, as well as a new Review Policy regarding the appeals process. It published six "Dear Dilemma" articles for the Ontario Planning Journal. The committee also reviewed the PSC's new "preliminary accreditation" standard and updated OPPI's Professional Exam policy.

The committee's priorities for 2017

The committee will monitor and act on:

  • Compliance with the CPL requirement, including exemption requests and revising the CPL Program Guide.
  • Activities of the national PSC, specifically providing input on the review of the professional planning scope of practice.
  • Emerging legislation and professional standards issues and their impact on planning practice.
  • Developing a communications plan to educate members on matters of professional standards and ethics.

How do I apply?

Individuals interested in a position on the Professional Standards & Registration Committee should complete the online application form by December 31, 2016.

Selected candidates will be contacted for interviews. All applicants will be notified early next year.