Managing Skills for Professional Planners

Professional planners who are about to, or already have transitioned, to a more senior role within their organization often look to develop their management and leadership skills. The Managing Skills for Professional Planners Course provides professional planners with the tools and techniques they will need to effectively manage teams and departments. The course is delivered in a blended learning style, incorporating both online and in-person elements, and includes some of the following topics:

  • Culture
  • Management philosophy
  • Generating vision and direction
  • Establishing effective goals

Registrants take part in an online component, which opens four weeks prior to the workshop date to begin learning theoretical concepts in a variety of digital formats including video and specifically curated articles, which will be applied practically during the in-person component. The two-day workshop will focus on problem solving of real-world cases to allow participants to work with a variety of prominent leadership and management models in various planning environments.

Both the online and in-person elements of this course may be claimed as Learning Units under OPPI’s Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program.

If you are interested in taking this course, please check the Calendar of Events for details.