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Y Magazine

Y Mag Cover Mockup Formerly called the Ontario Planning JournalY Magazine is OPPI's publication discussing the role and value of Registered Professional Planners (RPPs), exposing economic, social, and infrastructure issues, and exploring the leading practices and emerging trends in the planning profession.

The "Y" in Y Magazine symbolizes two paths: decision-making and guiding a way forward. Both rely on the abilities and expertise that our RPPs use to help inform choices and inspire communities.

Why Y Magazine

Ontario’s communities, leaders and citizens of influence will face unprecedented change over the next 25 years. Major issues like affordable housing, demographics and truth and reconciliation mean thoughtful decisions must be made now, for the future, over short-term fractured solutions that will threaten the sustainability of our communities. It is a true fork in the road. Y Magazine is designed to shape the conversation around those changes, the choice between one path over the other.  

Who reads Y Magazine

All of our 4,600 members receive every issue of Y Magazine, including our full members (RPPs), candidate members, and student members, as well as our public subscribers who have an interest in community planning.

Professional planners work in the public, private, educational, and not-for-profit sectors, and in the most impactful fields including urban and rural development, urban design, environmental planning, transportation, health, social services, heritage conservation, housing, and economic development.

Y Magazine themes

Every issue of Y Magazine features big issues, solutions, success stories, and the people who are leading the change. Two issues are published each year in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. 

The Housing Crisis
The housing crisis is headline news in Ontario and across Canada. It’s also a top priority for the professional planners who are immersed in the intricacies of this complex, multifaceted issue. Finding equitable solutions means examining a multitude of critical considerations, including climate change, infrastructure, Indigenous rights, transportation, affordability, technology, employment, schools, health care, green space, and so much more. The theme for the Spring/Summer issue of Y Magazine is “the housing crisis” and looks at how Ontario’s planning profession is bringing the best people to the table to find solutions that meet housing needs now and into the future.

Professional planners are innovative thinkers by nature. Their day-to-day work involves exploring new ideas, examining different perspectives, and finding creative ways to resolve the biggest issues being faced in our communities. It means having a deep understanding of the realities of today and being able to look forward decades into the future to inform decisions that lead to and ensure sustainability, security, equity, and inclusion. The theme for Fall/Winter issue of Y Magazine is “innovation” and takes readers on a journey of discovery into the many perspective-altering ways planners are addressing challenges and inspiring the communities of tomorrow.


CONTRIBUTE to Y Magazine

Y Magazine is written largely by OPPI members and edited to cater to a broader, general audience who have an interest in community planning. If you've written and article, conducted research, or have a compelling idea that you think would be a good fit for our magazine, we encourage you to get in touch. If we can't accommodate your article in Y Magazine, consider contributing to our Planning Exchange Blog.
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The digital version of Y Magazine is free! Anyone can flip through current issues of the magazine, or read back issues online. Choose between the handy flipbook version, or download the PDF to read on any device. 

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Using a deep relationship with Ontario’s planning profession to create a platform of unique and bias-free content, our editorial delves into the big issues, solutions, success stories and people who lead change. It has become an invaluable resource of information and inspiration across the province for thousands of elected offi cials, community staff, engaged residents, business leaders and owners, and community leaders who serve our communities in all capacities.

Professional planners partner with community leaders in a variety of disciplines and areas to affect positive, sustainable, long-term change. With Y Magazine, advertisers will target change shapers paving the way in business and economics, property development, engineering, architecture, law, environmental science and policy, public health, and researchers in all of these areas and more. The change shapers that Y Magazine targets have an employment income averaging more than $110,000 annually (2016 Census, Statistics Canada).

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