Professional Liability Insurance coverage is provided by OPPI. This coverage is for all Full, Candidate, Retired and Non-Practicing members of OPPI. Please note that insurance coverage with OPPI commences on January 1, 2016 and for questions related to 2015 and prior, please contact the Canadian Institute of Planners. An insurance certificate is available by logging into your member profile. Please access the summary and complete policy below.

• OPPI Errors and Omissions Policy Summary
OPPI Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy

In addition to this, we have secured Commercial General Liability and Property & Crime coverage in the case of sole proprietors and incorporated entities that conduct business in the home or at their own practice.
In the forms below, there are options for Liability coverage, as well as property extensions if so required. 
Commercial General Liability and/or Property & Crime Application Form
Summary of Commercial General Liability
Summary of Property & Crime Coverage

At this moment, RDA Inc. accepts a company or personal cheque. Please mark on the cheque the name of the person or entity that is purchasing this coverage and make payable to: RDA Inc.

OPPI is pleased to offer Auto and Home insurance coverage to its members. This includes exclusive rates and coverage’s only offered to OPPI members. To receive a quote, please visit North City General Insurance Brokers.