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Governments, Law and Policy

Governments and Legislation

  • Understand the political, legal and institutional contexts of the realm of planning practice.
  • Understand how legislation and laws influence and requires planning.
  • Understand the agency and employment relationship of planning to legislation.

Policies and Application

  • Understand and able to evaluate critically policy formulation, evaluation, and tools and strategies for implementation
  • Understands policy application in specific planning contexts (resource management, health, environment, development etc) and how the legal/legislative context affects planning
  • Understand how planners support legislation, develop recommendations and advise on policies.
  • Understand methods for implementing public policy and planning within the framework of Canadian law and the process of government (Includes planning law, community development processes and plans, zoning and other implementation techniques, urban design, governments systems, political and organizational behavior, public finance principles, evaluation methods, impact assessment, and litigation).

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