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oppi forum friday webinar series

On Fridays, OPPI along with RPPs and subject-matter experts, will take a deeper dive into specific issues that are impacting our communities and your ability to inform choices right now, in real time.

How to join a Forum Friday webinar:

  • Review the schedule below for topics of interest
  • Please note that dates and topics are subject to change
  • Check the OPPI Event Calendar for more details

How to watch a Forum Friday webinar:

  • Forum Friday webinars are recorded so you can watch them on demand
  • Members will be prompted to log in to watch recordings
  • Check the OPPI Digital Learning platform for more details
Date Topic
February 25 Economic Outlook 2022: Headwinds and tailwinds for planning Ontario Communities
Join Daryl Keleher and Peter Norman from Altus Group for this lively session exploring the outlook for the economy and housing in Ontario. Along the way, this talk will also explore pandemic effects on households and the economy, the growing challenges of eroding housing affordability, and how an emerging COVID-endemic world is most likely to affect markets in 2022 and beyond.
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April 22 Build. More. Homes.
Ontario is facing a housing crisis. The Ontario Government’s Housing Task Force Report proposes that 1.5 million new homes be built over the next ten years.  Many barriers have been identified and solutions proposed by various organizations in recent months. Experts have cited labour shortages, increasing cost of materials, increasing government fees and charges, challenges with population forecasts, and speculative demand among other issues. There is no shortage of statistical evidence and rationale for how we got here. What seems to be in short supply is a comprehensive toolbox of actions that will aid provincial and municipal leadership in meeting the challenge head on now.
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July Climate change and traditional knowledge
(Details to come)
August Anti-Black racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion
(Details to come)
October Community development and planning legislation
(Details to come)
December Ethics and professionalism for planners
(Details to come)

Stay tuned for more Forum Friday webinar details coming soon! 
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