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Online Nomination Form for Council Directors

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With few exceptions, all Full members (not retired or non-practicing) of OPPI are eligible to serve on Council. Exceptions (or those not able to stand on Council) include employees of the Institute and members who are working under contract with the Institute, and those who may otherwise have a conflict of interest. In addition, members of the Discipline Committee may not be members of OPPI Council.

All eligible candidates for OPPI Council must complete this online Nomination Form. Submit it with a photo no later than April 1. Your photo should be suitable for use in OPPI’s print and web publications. The photo must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi, maximum less than 2MB in size) and can be uploaded by clicking the Choose File button below. The completed nomination form must include the endorsement of three Full or Retired Members in good standing and a profile of the nominee. All candidates must also fill out the Nominee Key Competencies Form in order to be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact the OPPI office or reference OPPI's Council Director Nomination Process infographic. 


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Candidate information
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Please upload a high quality image (min 300 dpi and less than 2MB in size), suitable for publication on the website and print materials. This will help ensure your image is not blurry or pixelated.
Nomination Endorsement

The following three members of OPPI have agreed to endorse my nomination and are currently Full or Retired Members in good standing-:
Profile of Nominee

Please write a profile telling the reader about your reasons for seeking this position and the attributes that qualify you to serve as a Director on OPPI Council. Organize your thoughts around the questions below. When you craft your response, keep in mind that the profile of the successful candidate(s) will be published on OPPI‘s website according to the content submitted.
Why do you wish to serve on Council? What do you hope to accomplish in your two-year term? * (1250 characters maximum or approximately 250 words)
What particular skills and experience do you bring to this position? How do your employment and volunteer experiences best qualify you for this position? * (1250 characters maximum or approximately 250 words)
List your OPPI or planning related volunteer experiences that you are most proud of:

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To submit this form, click the SUBMIT button. If there are errors or omissions, you will be prompted to correct these and then re-submit the form. For your records, a copy will be sent to your email and you will receive an acknowledgement from OPPI that your nomination has been received.