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Volunteer with OPPI

Our volunteers make all the difference. While OPPI works to serve its Members to the best of its ability and strives to represent Ontario’s planning professionals with a strong, unified voice, the Members themselves are pivotal in taking an on-the-ground approach to further supporting the profession and communicating its value in our communities. OPPI needs you, its Members, your time and expertise, to better the planning profession in Ontario.

Members contribute in many ways including working together with the OPPI staff on District Leadership TeamsProgram Committees and Strategy Groups that all focus on implementing the Strategic Plan. OPPI’s four standing committees help Council fulfill its governance responsibilities.

Volunteers are drawn from OPPI's membership based on Member Profiles, where members indicate their expertise and volunteer preferences. To volunteer, click on the Volunteer for OPPI button and sign up in your Member Profile.

We would like to thank the over 400 members who currently volunteer their time with OPPI. View our Volunteer Wall to see how they give back!

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Professional Planners in the Public Interest Strategic Plan 2020


With foresight, leadership and professionalism, Registered Professional Planners create and manage change in the built, natural and social environments for the common good.


The mission of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute is to leverage member knowledge, resources, and relationships to facilitate excellence in planning by professional planners.


  • Professional — Protecting the integrity of the practice of planning and its obligation to serve the common good
  • Accountable — Meeting our commitments with openness and transparency
  • Future-driven — Looking forward and being agile and innovative in response to opportunities and challenges
  • Collaborative — Sharing our knowledge and working with others to achieve excellence
  • Progressive — Empowering our community of members, together and one planner at a time

View the full Strategic Plan.

Executive Committee

Comprised of the President, Secretary/Treasurer and the President Elect, and is directly responsible for finance and audit committee functions, risk management and human resources matters.

Governance & Nominating Committee

Is made up of RPPs with a majority drawn from Council; it is responsible for the nominating process, including standing committee chairs, governance education development and evaluation processes. Responsibilities of this standing committee include reviewing and making recommendations concerning Council policies and by-law changes. The Governance and Nominating Committee assists Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities regarding the effectiveness of governance and in the development and succession-planning for Council and its committees.  

Professional Standards & Registration Committee

Comprised of RPPs and is responsible for professional standards development, oversight and impact assessment, Continuous Professional Learning standards; and adjudicating on membership application issues at the request of the registrar. It delegates a representative to the Professional Standards Committee providing Ontario-specific insight concerning existing practice standards.

Discipline Committee

Comprised of Full members, it operates at arm's length from Council and makes independent decisions regarding complaints and discipline cases within the scope of its mandate. It is delegated the authority to investigate complaints against OPPI members, determine if there is an apparent infraction as benchmarked against the Professional Code of Practice and assess discipline options as appropriate pursuant to the Discipline Committee Rules of Practice and Procedure. If you would like to receive a copy of the OPPI Discipline Committee Rules of Practice and Procedure and the Complaint Form, please request it here. Commonly asked questions about the discipline process are answered here.

OPPI's four strategy groups - District Forum, Professional Regulation, Quality Practice, Planning Issues - and others as may be established from time to time, support staff in implementing strategic initiatives and addressing emerging issues:

District Forum

Shares knowledge, exchanges leading practices and undertakes training and development. The forum is comprised District Team leaders who meet at least once annually whether in person or by teleconference.

Professional Regulation

Leads the pursuit of stronger legislation to move from a voluntary, consensual, professional association to a self-regulated profession acting in the public interest.

Quality Practice

Mindful of trends, membership characteristics and insights from other parts of the organization, the Quality Practice Strategy Group helps to establish the tools and educational programs required to support mandatory Continuous Professional Learning. This work is seamlessly integrated with the creation and dissemination of planning knowledge, which will grow as new resources are developed and identified. The Quality Practice Strategy Group helps to establish OPPI’s approach in the area of advancing the competencies and knowledge and work of professional, quality planners.

Planning Issues

Strengthens the voice of the planning profession and expands its reach through Advocacy. Group members scan the planning environment and help to identify relevant planning issues which merit OPPI's attention.

District Leadership Teams (DLT) implement a program of Continuous Professional Learning, share planning knowledge and provide education in area-specific issues. Additionally DLTs encourage planners to incorporate OPPI Calls to Action into workplace practice, as well as municipal and provincial policies. They will build support for the professional regulation of the planning profession and promote the value of good planning through a coordinated communications program. 

To learn more about volunteering roles within your DLT, please review the DLT volunteer onboarding module.

Two program committees work with staff to help deliver OPPI programs:

Outreach Committee

Working closely with staff, the Outreach Committee liaises with the University Planning Schools/programs, students, pre-candidate and Candidate Members, and will oversee OPPI’s scholarships. This committee supports outreach to students and potential members: University students at recognized schools/programs of planning (primarily); students eligible for candidate membership; Non-member practicing planners who qualify for pre-candidate membership; and high school students considering the profession of planning.

Planning Knowledge Exchange Committee

The Committee works to connect members with information and facilitates a fluid exchange of knowledge through the Knowledge Centre. Members are cultivated for their insight, knowledge, best practices and opinion. Subject matter experts help to curate the incoming content, source useful knowledge elsewhere and coordinate programming in a variety of mediums the development and exchange of the body of knowledge.