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Hire An RPP

Registered Professional Planners (RPPs) are the only professionals with the experience and specialized skill set required to fill the very specific role and title of Planner.

Located in every community across Ontario, they are available for work with homeowners, developers, municipalities, heritage preservation associations, business associations, as well as community and environmental groups. They may be hired as consultants or as staff. Whatever the capacity, hiring an RPP is a pivotal step in building actionable plans in preparation for the future. Major issues such as climate change, aging populations and the exponential implementation of artificial intelligence show no signs of stopping. They affect every sector. And the only way to be ready for the inevitable change is with sound planning. To learn more about why it is important to hire an RPP, please view our case studies showing RPPs taking on the challenge of these major issues that go beyond the planning profession..

The Planning Consultant Directory helps you find an RPP match for your particular needs. Specify the category of RPP you are looking for (e.g., land use, environmental, transportation, etc.) and the relevant geographic location to find that match today.

Consulting RPP's will want to post a listing to the Consultant Directory to ensure they are found by potential clients. They can also search for jobs to suit their skills, goals and passions. RFP's & RFQ's are found here.

You can also search the Member Register of all OPPI members, including RPPs who are certified by OPPI and have met rigorous entry-to-practice standards. Corporate members of OPPI must follow the Professional Code of Practice. If someone files a complaint that a member has not done so, OPPI's Discipline Committee will investigate the matter.

It is important to note that Planners who are not members of OPPI may practice in Ontario, but they may not call themselves RPP's and OPPI does not regulate their activities or ethics.