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World Town Planning Day

November 8 each year is World Town Planning Day (WTPD), also known as World Urbanism Day. On this day, planners in over 30 countries celebrate by hosting and engaging in activities to raise awareness about the importance of planning in their communities.

On an exponential scale, the planning landscape is changing dramatically. Planning in Ontario has far-reaching implications for the future of our communities; decision-makers have many choices to make and resources have never been scarcer. RPPs bring the ability and expertise to help inform choices and inspire communities.

In local high schools and universities, parks and public spaces, planners share their passion for planning healthy and sustainable communities that we can grow in today, and be proud to pass on to the future generations of Ontario.

Plan a WTPD event
Below are presentation materials that can be used for World Town Planning Day:

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  • Follow the global World Town Planning Day account on Twitter @wtpdonline 
  • Share your thoughts using #WTPD, #WorldTownPlanningDay, and #WorldUrbanismDay