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Call for Nominations

Join the OPPI Leadership Team

Empowering change together. 

Deadline: April 1, 2020 - Nominations are now open! Thank you to members for submitting their applications. 

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute’s (OPPI) Governance & Nominating Committee is calling for nominations from Full Members who wish to contribute to the planning profession by joining Council as Directors. The positions of Director are available for a two-year term. Directors may be re-elected for a second two-year term. Elected Members to OPPI Council will assume office at the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting.

To gain a better understanding of how OPPI is governed, and the role of the Governance & Nominating Committee, members are encouraged to read Bruce Curtis' article OPPI Leadership Pipeline in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of the Journal and watch The OPPI Leadership Pipeline video from our Digital Learning portal from November 2017.

Please take a moment and read the information below to learn more about what the role of Council and governance means to OPPI. 

Contribute to the future of your profession!

OPPI strives to demonstrate excellence in its governance. Governance is how an organization is directed and controlled in order to ensure its purpose is achieved. Governance includes the structures, responsibilities and processes that the board of an organization uses to direct and manage. These structures, processes and organizational traditions determine how authority is exercised, how decisions are taken, how stakeholders have their say and how decision-makers are held to account.

OPPI is led by a volunteer Council elected by the membership. Members of Council are guided by OPPI’s governing documents and a Code of Conduct for Directors. The priority of Council is to guide the organization through policy decisions and strategic directions. It provides direct oversight in a number of core areas such as finance, quality control, risk management and stakeholder relations. It empowers staff and volunteers to implement the Strategic Plan.

Council is composed of nine Directors, a President and a President-Elect. Eight Director positions are filled by Full Members of the Institute and one Director position is filled by a public interest representative who is not a member of OPPI. Nominees are screened using a competency-based interview process. Successful candidates will possess personal qualities such as integrity, good judgment and confidence and governance competencies such as leadership, stewardship and strategic thinking. They must be motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds, who can effectively collaborate with colleagues and staff.

Council meets about five times a year. Council members attend OPPI's annual Conference/Symposium and participate in the Annual General Meeting. Directors also participate in workshops focusing on leadership skill building, policy governance and strategic planning.

The roles and responsibilities of Council Members ensure effective governance of the Institute. The general responsibilities of Directors and restrictions on candidacy are outlined in the General By-law. First and foremost, Directors must fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities:

  • Duty of Care: Acting as a reasonably prudent person would under similar circumstances
  • Duty of Diligence: Fully informed as reasonably possible and exercising attention and care
  • Fiduciary Duty: Position of TRUST so acting in the best interests of the corporation
  • Duty to Avoid Conflicts of Interest: Not in a conflict of interest (and this extends to where relatives, friends or coworkers would benefit)

With few exceptions, all Full members (not retired or non-practicing) of OPPI are eligible to serve on Council. Exceptions (or those not able to stand on Council) include employees of the Institute and members who are working under contract with the Institute, and those who may otherwise have a conflict of interest. In addition, members of the Discipline Committee may not be members of OPPI Council.

Members of the Governance & Nominating Committee will contact and pre-qualify all candidates for nomination. This is to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications and understand the obligations of Directors. Not all candidates may go forward and be recommended by the committee.

The election of Council members follows OPPI's nominating policy and procedures. If you have questions regarding the process, contact Governance & Nominating Committee Chair, Kelly Weste, RPP.

If you are a Full Member and are interested in serving on Council, you must be nominated by three Full or Retired members in good standing and complete the Online Nomination Form.

understanding the nominations process

OPPI has developed two infographics to assist with the nominations process: one for members interested in putting their name forward for a Council Director position and the second for a member of the Governance & Nominating Committee to understand the nature of the nomination process. Click on the images below to enlarge the infographics and learn more about the nominations process. 
Members interested in a Council Director Position


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Committee Members learning about the nomination process


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