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INSPIRE OPPI: Professional Planners in the Public Interest

In the fall of 2015, OPPI Council initiated a major review of its strategy, mission and vision, with the goal to engage members. A Strategic Plan Team was struck from Council members to lead the effort working with external advisors.

We spoke with over 1,700 people in the process through member surveys, stakeholder focus groups, in-depth interviews with planning-related organizations and government, workshops and web sessions. OPPI confirmed that the planning landscape is evolving and both the profession and the Institute need to match the rate of change, to better serve RPPs and our communities.

The INSPIRE OPPI Strategic Plan 2020 is the outcome of this work, and the infographic below is a concise summary of the actions we are taking to fulfill this plan by 2020.

View the INSPIRE OPPI Strategic Plan 2020 Download and print the report

Or watch the video that continues the conversations which led to INSPIRE OPPI.

Our strategic changes don’t end with a document. See INSPIRE OPPI in Action.