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OPPI district Time capsule initiative

In 2019, OPPI is honouring the 25th Anniversary of the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) designation. Throughout the year, OPPI will celebrate this anniversary in various ways, but would like to invite the seven Districts to participate with the development of a time capsule.
OPPI’s time capsule will include items from each District from the present and immediate past (within the last five years) in addition to items OPPI may provide. The intention would be for OPPI to house the capsule at the OPPI office for the next 25 years and open it when OPPI celebrates the 50th anniversary of the RPP designation.
OPPI seeks District participation and interest in providing materials for the capsule, and it could include (but is not limited to):
  • Documents related to significant projects under construction or planned to be built in the near future in a District
  • Letters from dignitaries celebrating the 25th anniversary of the RPP designation
  • Information about each District – a summary note explaining the District and any significant projects underway in 2019
  • Craft a note to future members outlining what the District will look like in 25 years
  • Photos of the District or events provided by members (could be placed on USB stick or CD)
  • OPPI content – pins, copy of Y Magazine, information related to the membership, photos from the 2019 Conference, note from OPPI President, etc.

Selecting items for the capsule

Each District will be able to store up to three items and can choose which items they would like to provide – whether that is from the list above or other approved items. OPPI would work with the Districts to ensure there is no overlap of items for storage and that all items will fit within the capsule.
There is one item OPPI would ask for from each District which is a message for future members and their predictions for their District 25 years from now. This would be in addition to a note OPPI would develop outlining the planning profession in 2019 and looking forward 25 years.
Some considerations for this letter could include:
  • What do you see happening in the major towns and cities in your district? Will they change? Will they stay the same?
  • What is a day in the life of a planner like in your district?
  • What are some concerns about the District and what would you like to see happen over the next 25 years?
  • Pass along wisdom and advice to future members:
    • What are some of the challenging tasks/activities for planners to complete?
    • What are some of the tasks/activities you enjoy doing as an RPP?
    • What are some lessons that you want to share with future planners?
    • Any additional advice?

Sealing the capsule

There are some considerations Districts will need to factor in when providing materials:
  • Ensure items are packaged separately to avoid any transfer of inks and other contents
  • If any writing needs to be done on documents, pencil is preferred to pen ink or markers
  • Do not use stick-on labels or use pressure-sensitive tapes or adhesives for wrapping items or sealing envelopes because they can stain other items over time
OPPI will provide an opportunity at the upcoming OPPI Conference in Toronto for DLT members to provide contents for the capsule if no other arrangements can be made. It is OPPI’s intention to place items in the capsule and seal it at the November Council meeting to ensure photos of DLT and Council symbolically “sealing” the capsule can be captured and included.