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  • Understand the importance of values and vision, and methods and processes for vision development and promotion.
  • Apply a critical, integrative thinking approach to issues.
  • Able to support the development of values and vision, monitor progress and identify when to make corrections.

Responsiveness and Influence

  • Anticipates future needs and developments.
  • Understand how to effectively engage stakeholders in complex issues.
  • Understand how to connect needs and solutions and influence decisions.
  • Able to propose influential recommendations to key stakeholders.

Team Building

  • Understand team building techniques and dynamics.
  • Act as a leader or member of a multi-function team.
  • Build and motivate teams.

Climate of Excellence

  • Understand frameworks to support quality and performance measurement.
  • Understand the meaning of accountability and practices to support accountability.
  • Able to apply practices and tools to manage for results and achieve positive outcomes.

Managing Resources and Results

  • Understand policies and processes to effectively manage resources and results expected.
  • Able to manage human and financial resources and achieve targeted results.
  • Able to assess the use of resources and identify areas for improvement.

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