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Plan and Policy Implementation

Decision-making and Risk Management

  • Understand various modes of decision-making and how the technical, financial, social, environmental and political factors are integrated into sound decision-making.
  • Understand risk management and its integration into sound decision-making.
  • Understand land use regulations, legal, environmental, infrastructure, finance and economics, development control, and other considerations that are part of implementation.
  • Able to integrate information to minimize risk.

Implementation Plan

  • Understand practices to develop an effective implementation plan.
  • Able to engage other key stakeholders in the development and review of the plan.
  • Able to develop and support implementation of a plan.

Project Management

  • Understand basic practices of project management.
  • Able to apply project management techniques and tools to support projects.
  • Able to complete projects based on desired outcomes and targets.

Finance and Administration

  • Understand finance and administration practices to effectively manage project or plan implementation.
  • Able to monitor and assess financial and administrative activities.
  • Able to report on financial and administrative activities.


  • Understand practices to evaluate and monitor plan implementation.
  • Able to frame recommendations for implementation which can be monitored and evaluated.
  • Able to assess and determine when correction is required.
  • Able to direct or use evaluation processes and develop reports.

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