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Plan and Policy Making

Planning Approaches and Focus

  • Understand the various approaches and instruments used in small and large scale plan making and policy development.
  • Able to determine the challenge or opportunity to be addressed.
  • Able to select an approach to and clarify the focus of the plan.

Developing Visions and Outcomes

  • Understand approaches to the development of visions and outcomes.
  • Able to use analysis and processes to assess possible options.
  • Able to develop visions and outcomes.
  • Able to articulate, present, and defend visions, plans and policies.

Strategic Information Gathering and Analysis

  • Understand what information should be gathered.
  • Able to gather information to enable a critical analysis of the situation.
  • Able to analyze information gathered to support development of a proposal or plan.
  • Understand how technology can gather input and analyze information.
  • Able to apply technology to support analysis.

Obtaining Input and Approvals

  • Understand practices to effectively engage and gather input from key stakeholders.
  • Able to prepare reports and presentations to support input gathering.
  • Able to present analysis and reports, support discussions and make recommendations leading to approval.

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