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Devin Causley, RPP

Devin Causley, RPP has worked with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities since 2003 where he is responsible for managing and developing programs on climate change, energy and sustainable community planning, including the Partners for Climate Protection program. Devin holds a Master of Applied Environmental Studies in Local Economic Development and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Planning from the University of Waterloo. A trained facilitator, Devin is a Registered Professional Planner and member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. Beyond this Devin is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and regularly publishes articles on climate change and sustainable planning. In his time away from work Devin is an avid traveller that includes back country canoe camping and traveling more than 35 countries.  Beyond these accomplishments he has also grown up living with low vision which has given him a deep appreciation for the challenges in navigating environments typically designed for cars. This unique combination of training in planning, exposure to the world and living a life of low vision led to Devin initiating work on designing visually accessible cities in 2014.