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Anti-Black Racism in Planning

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) recognizes that as a profession, planning has failed to address how discriminatory systemic actions and decisions negatively impact the Black community and marginalized groups.

We are aware the planning profession is being called to acknowledge the importance of Black perspectives and experiences in planning. We recognize this responsibility and commit to supporting our members in taking action.
Through these efforts, OPPI is committed to engage Black voices to help alter dominant planning and decision-making processes and practices. Together, we can ensure that the core principle of our professional planning practice, planning for the public interest, is upheld.

Anti-Black Racism in Planning Task Force (ABRP TF)

In the summer of 2020, OPPI Council approved the creation of an Anti-Black Racism in Planning Task Force (ABRP TF) with the desire to create an overarching strategy to remove systemic barriers to the inclusion of Black community members in the planning profession and to increase representation of Black community members in the planning profession.

The final recommendations of the Anti-Black Racism in Planning Task Force align with OPPI’s overall strategic directions and were organised into four priority areas that emerged as the recommendations were consolidated:

  • Journey to becoming a professional planner, including transforming planning education and educational outreach, mentorship, sponsorship, and paid internships, as well as addressing financial barriers
  • Cultivating relationships with diverse black organizations
  • Equity-focused data, policy change, and evaluation
  • Professional development 
Thank you to our ABRP TF contributors!