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oppi forum friday webinar series

On Fridays, OPPI along with RPPs and subject-matter experts, will take a deeper dive into specific issues that are impacting our communities and your ability to inform choices right now, in real time.

How to join a Forum Friday webinar:

  • Review the schedule below for topics of interest
  • Please note that dates and topics are subject to change
  • Check the OPPI Event Calendar for more details

How to watch a Forum Friday webinar:

  • Forum Friday webinars are recorded so you can watch them on demand
  • Members will be prompted to log in to watch recordings
  • Check the OPPI Digital Learning platform for more details

Forum Friday webinars run on Fridays from February to August.
Date Topic
February Feb. 12 | 2021 Economic Outlook for the Planning Profession in Ontario
2020 was a year for the history books. It was a year that altered perceptions about where we live, work, play, shop, dine and exercise. It was a year that, unfortunately, took its toll on businesses, employment, education and childcare. So, what can we anticipate for 2021 in a pandemic environment that continues to evolve?
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.
March Mar. 12 | A Black Voice in Planning: Representation Matters 
Join us for an interactive conversation that will explore representation of Black voices in planning through the context of contemporary concepts such as complete communities, displacement, affordable housing, home ownership, planning policies, and much more. 
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.
April Apr. 9 | Planning for On-Farm Diversification: Challenges And Opportunities
This panel discussion will explore both the challenges and opportunities associated with agriculture-related and on-farm diversified uses. While agri-tourism, on-farm manufacturing, and wineries/cideries all have their place in rural Ontario, they can create challenges for neighbours, planners, and politicians alike. As with any land use planning matter, planners are left to find an appropriate balance between farmland protection and economic growth.
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.

Apr. 23 | Climate Change Adaptation for Planners: A Primer
Our expert panel will explore several topics related to climate change adaptation including: the key concepts of risk, vulnerability and adaptation, and identifying and accessing data to support risk assessment; an overview of the policy framework in Canada and Ontario as it relates to climate change adaptation; and key considerations related to environmental justice and equity when designing consultation to inform the adaptation planning process.
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.
May May 7 | Old Tool, New Charm: How Community Planning Permit Systems Improve Development Approvals Processes for Municipalities and Proponents
Join us for a panel discussion with municipal planners who have firsthand experience developing and implementing Community Planning Permit Systems (CPPS, formerly referred to as Development Permits) across the province. Learn about this underutilized Planning Act tool, how it has streamlined and improved development approvals processes, and lessons learned from planners currently working with the tool.
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.

May 20 | Amplifying More Voices in Planning
This panel discussion will explore the topic of engagement and equity with a focus on highlighting opportunities to create space for inclusive engagement practices within the planning profession. It will look to challenge our traditional consultation requirements by learning from representatives of OPPI’s Indigenous Perspectives Advisory Committee (IPAC) and the Anti-Black Racism Task Force.
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.

Jun. 4 | LGBTQ2S+ Communities and Planning
In this interactive, Q&A-based webinar, participants will learn more about the history and context of LGBTQ2S+ perspectives in planning, better understand how stronger representation of these perspectives can positively impact the profession and planning outcomes, and learn about best practices to better plan and create spaces for LGBTQ2S+ communities. This session will be guided by an expert panel with lived and professional experience and will touch upon real-world examples from Toronto and Ontario.
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.

Jun. 18 | The Duty to Consult: A Historical, Legal, and Planning Overview
The Duty to Consult is an obligation among professional planners to ensure that the rights of Indigenous Peoples are upheld and that their interests are represented in planning decisions. Join us for an overview of the historical, legal, and planning contexts, as well as a Q&A period for you to ask questions to our panel of experts. 
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.

July Jul. 9 | "When aren’t you a professional planner?" A Discussion on Ethics and Professionalism in Planning
Are you always a professional planner, or only in certain scenarios or contexts? This session will explore that question, along with conflicts of interest, conflicts with other professionals, and much more within the realm of ethics and professionalism. Panelists will draw on their professional experience to provide real-world examples and scenarios, as they relate to ethics, professionalism, and planning.
Watch on the OPPI Digital Learning platform.
August Aug. 6 | The Future of Workplace
Join us for our last Forum Friday of the year as we do some myth-busting, fact-checking and visioning about the future of workplace. Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has turned a corner and, with over 60% of adults vaccinated, will provide a summer of opportunities once again. As we transition back to a more normal day-to-day, what does a return to work look like, and how will a remote work culture impact the future of workplace? As companies start to review their physical office space versus remote working and factor in the desire – or need – for human connection and collaboration, new models of workplace will emerge. An important consideration as part of the evaluation must center around the human experience and an employee’s health and well-being given the new comfort and productivity levels since working from home. If you’ve been following this story in the news, you will have seen either September 2021 or January 2022 mentioned as potential return-to-office dates. You will have seen hybrid as the new buzzword and seen that wellness and environmental considerations are now at play more so than ever before. You will also have read that office towers will be left empty as employers look to smaller (or non-existent) footprints to help navigate the economic realities of lost income from 2020/2021. Is it true and if so, what happens to those empty towers?
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