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December 02, 2019

December 2019 Issue


OPPI would like to wish all our members, volunteers and partners a safe and relaxing holiday season, a happy new year and all the best in 2019! We would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping OPPI spread the message about the importance and role RPPs play in informing choices and inspiring communities across Ontario. 

Just a reminder the OPPI office will be closed for the holidays starting December 24 and will reopen on January 2nd. 

As we reach the end of 2019, the upcoming holidays are a time to reflect and look back. This year has been a busy one with much accomplished. Here's a recap of the year that was:
Promote professionalism:
  • The Registered Professional Planners Act was introduced into the Ontario Legislature and passed First and Second Reading. OPPI continues to work with the government to pass this legislation. 
  • A new complaints and discipline investigation process has been created. Members will recall OPPI's By-Law update in 2018 and the change to split the Complaints and Discipline Committee into two separate entities. 
Build the RPP Brand:
  • This year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the RPP designation in Ontario.
  • OPPI published its first three issues of Y Magazine!
Knowledge Exchange:
  • Work began on the development of a white paper focused on the future of the planning system in Ontario. OPPI will have more to say on this initiative in 2020.
  • Work began on the development and implementation of our new Learning Strategy.
  • OPPI issued the Report of the Indigenous Planning Perspectives Task Force.
Empower Member Ownership:
  • Work began on the development of "communities of interest" for members to exchange knowledge and come together on specific topics and themes.
  • A new awards program is being delivered for implementation in 2020. OPPI will have more to share in the new year. 
We look forward to another great year of continuing to deliver educational and professional development opportunities in 2020. 

On November 21 and 22, the 2019-2020 OPPI Council met for the first time and took the opportunity to discuss a variety of strategic issues. 
On November 21, OPPI's Governance & Nominating Committee held its annual workshop with OPPI Council to discuss a variety of governance items and emerging topics in governance practice. This workshop also provides the opportunity for Council's newest members to learn about the responsibilities and duties of being a Director, and for existing Directors to receive a refresher on their responsibilities and duties.
OPPI Council held its first meeting on November 22. Council welcomed four new members: Curry Clifford, Public Interest Representative, Calvin Brook, RPP, Rob Dowler, RPP and Andria Leigh, RPP as Directors. 
Council received an update on the development of a "communities of interest" implementation plan that will give like-minded members the opportunities to form groups on specific topics and issues and exchange knowledge. Council also received a progress update on the Indigenous Planning Perspectives Report road map. This road map outlines the steps that need to be taken to fulfil the recommendations within the report. More information on these two items will come to the membership in 2020. 
The 2020 Business Plan and Strategic Priorities were discussed and approved. The work OPPI conducts on behalf of, and for, the membership comes from the Business Plan. With the approval of these two key documents, work can begin on 2020 initiatives. 
Much of the afternoon was taken up discussing the development of OPPI's white paper focusing on planning in the 21st century and progress to-date on Bill 70, the Registered Professional Planner Act, with OPPI's government relations firm, StrategyCorp. OPPI would like to thank members and the Planning Issues Strategy Group for providing their insight into the development of OPPI's position for the white paper. We look forward to sharing more about this document in 2020. 
OPPI Council also officially sealed the OPPI time capsule to mark the 25th anniversary of the RPP designation. Members can continue to read further below to learn about what has been included in the capsule. 

Your Professional Journey

Members received information from OPPI in November about membership renewal. This is a last call for those who have not renewed that you have until January 2nd to do so. OPPI is gearing up to provide another exciting year of delivering valuable member programs and services to support your professional journey in 2020. 
Don't delay, renew today! Visit OPPI's website and click on the yellow "Login" button at the top right corner to log into your Member Profile to renew your membership. While you're logged in, don't forget to update your Member Profile and record your 2019 CPL activities for Full and Candidate Members. For more information and for any renewal questions, please contact OPPI at

OPPI is making a list and checking it twice to see which members have completed their Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) units. Don't delay and put yourself on OPPI's naughty list by waiting until December 31st or the new year to complete your 2019 CPL. 
As a reminder, 18 learning units are required annually. One learning unit equals one hour of direct planning related (with some exceptions). A minimum of nine learning units must be structured and a maximum of nine learning units may be individually directed. And, up to nine structured learning units may be carried forward to the following year.
If you have any CPL-related questions, please contact OPPI at

Building RPP


OPPI's membership has grown over the past year! Here are some key points to consider as members view the stats:
  • Overall membership is at 4,668
  • Of this overall membership, Full membership is at 2,815 or 60%
  • Candidate and Candidate (provisional) members are the second largest group of members at 671
  • The three GTHA Districts (Toronto + Oak Ridges + Western Lake Ontario) make up 60% of OPPI's membership
Members are welcome to visit our 2019 Annual Report webpages, and specifically the Membership Statistics webpage, to see the membership breakdown and learn more.

Knowledge Exchange


Our December Planning Exchange blog post comes from the City of Mississauga. This past summer, the City initiated a pilot to balance pedestrian, cyclist and transit users against vehicular movement within Mississauga's downtown core and used tactical urbanism to implement a complete street. Learn more in this month's blog post about tactical urbanism and the complete street pilot project.
Click here to read more


OPPI invites members, allied professions and organizations, elected officials, decision makers and everyone else to submit proposals to speak at our 2020 Conference. The deadline to submit your proposal for OPPI20 is December 12 at midnight. 
Ontario is in transition. Our province continues to welcome new residents from all corners of the globe from different cultures, worldviews, sexual orientation and gender identities, from all age ranges, but we face collective challenges such as how to accommodate a rapidly aging population, or where and how we can house Ontarians.
At the heart of these challenges is placemaking and communities. Whether you were born in Ontario or have come from afar, finding a place in evolving communities matters. We are asking our communities across Ontario to be all things to all people, break down barriers and ensure everyone has a place of their own to call home.
At OPPI20, we will explore issues that are fundamental to community building and address issues related to housing and demographics, so that the decisions made today by elected officials and decision makers are informed by Registered Professional Planners and remain sustainable in the decades to come, culminating with OPPI20 from October 7-8 at RBC Place London.
Submit Your Proposal Today!

OPPI is a partner of the Energy Conscious Community: An Energy Planning Course for Planning Professionals provided by York University. The Community Energy Planning (CEP) course was designed for professional land use planners to expand the skill-set needed to accelerate the integration of energy and climate policy into land use planning (i.e., official plans, secondary planning, non-statutory master plans, and zoning by-law) and their implementing development review processes. In an effort to build capacity for energy conscious cities, this course will examine the feasibility of a standardized and structured approach to transformative urban greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and enhanced energy system resilience in communities across Canada, this course will examine best practices (i.e., policy, procedures and tools) to improve the quality, consistency and municipal capacity to implement CEPs. Two days of in-person learning will be offered at York University on February 20 and 21, 2020. The deadline to register is December 23, 2019. 


In conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the other provincial and territorial planning institutes and associations, OPPI releases the results of the first comprehensive compensation and benefits survey of professional planners in Ontario. National survey results can be found on CIP's website.
The survey was open from May 8 to June 9, 2019, and received over 1,800 responses, representing almost a quarter of regulated members of provincial and territorial institutes and associations. Members interested in reading the Ontario results can click here.
An English language webinar led by CIP on the national survey results was held on October 31, 2019. Members interested in viewing this webinar are asked to follow up with CIP as to when this can be made available to view.

OPPI President Justine Giancola and OPPI President Elect Paul Lowes seal the time capsule at the November OPPI Council meeting
As we close 2019 and celebrate the year that was, OPPI would like to provide an update to members on one of the initiatives celebrating the 25th anniversary of the RPP designation. As members may know, OPPI worked with the District Leadership Team (DLT) to develop a time capsule to be opened in 25 years when the RPP designation celebrates its 50th anniversary. 
OPPI would like to thank Districts for providing materials for the time capsule that include (but is not limited to):
  • An ION LRT medallion
  • Photos of Toronto, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara
  • A letter from each OPPI District providing a current snapshot along with aspirations and hopes for the future
  • Copies of planning documents from the City of Hamilton LRT project and a City of Burlington Planning Committee meeting
  • Promotional information on the Gordie Howe International Bridge in Windsor
  • A CIP centenary pin
OPPI provided a letter summarizing the year that was for the organization, the latest issue of Y Magazine, OPPI19 postcard and pocket program, OPPI brochures, a copy of the OPPI Act, By-Law and Code of Professional Conduct, OPPI's Indigenous Planning Perspectives Task Force report, OPPI and RPP pins, OPPI socks and mug honouring 25 years of RPP, and the very last student issue of the Ontario Planning Journal from Summer 2018.
Thank you to everyone who provided materials for inclusion in the time capsule. The OPPI time capsule has been sealed and is currently housed in the OPPI office. We look forward to the opening of the time capsule in the year 2044!

What You Need to Know

Register for the 2019 Ontario Excess Soil Symposium
OPPI is a promotional partner of the 2019 Ontario Excess Soil Symposium. Construction and development in Ontario generate millions of cubic meters of excess soil that must be transported across the province each year. On December 4, the Canadian Urban Institute and experts from industry, government, NGOs and academia will convene to discuss how to work together to develop solutions for better excess soil management, including best practices for implementing the proposed provincial regulation. For more information and to register for this event, please visit the event website.
Niagara Biennial Design Awards
Niagara Region has launched its new bi-annual design awards program, the Niagara Biennial. This new program celebrates the role of design towards the enhancement of unique and diverse environments in Niagara. Project submissions are open to owners, developers, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, interior designers, artists and makers involved with a specific design project. The deadline for submissions is January 24 2020. For more information and to make a submission, please visit Niagara Region's website.
2019 City of Hamilton Urban Design and Architecture Awards
The City of Hamilton has announced the winners of the 2019 Urban Design and Architecture Awards, recognizing significant achievements in design, planning, and development projects across the city. A total of 43 submissions were received from architects, urban designers, planners, landscape architects, property owners, contractors, engineers, and University students. The submissions were evaluated based on their contribution to the public realm, the success in contextual integration, sensitivity in massing and scale, innovation and uniqueness, materiality and quality of execution, community involvement, and consideration of environmental sustainability solutions, among other criteria. Information about the winning projects - including jury comments - is available via the City of Hamilton's official website, on the Urban Design and Architecture Awards page.

Career Opportunities

Are you listed in OPPI's Consultant's Directory? If you're not in, it's time to get in! If you're looking to do some consulting on the side or looking for RPPs to work with for that big project you're leading, and everything in between, OPPI's Consultant's Directory is for you. Sign up today and get listed!

Advertise your available planning positions with OPPI's Job Postings. There is no better way to reach qualified planning professionals.


Targeted to planners, search the OPPI Job Ads to save you time and effort when looking for a new position.

Please see the current active postings below:
  • Intermediate Planner - Region of Peel (contract)
  • Housing and Development Planner - The Regional Municipality of York (contract)
  • Intermediate Planner - City of Owen Sound (full time)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Municipal Services Division - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (full time)
  • Junior Planner - Township of Russell (full time)
  • Planning & Development Technician - Homes by DeSantis Inc. (full time)
  • Manager, Development Zoning - City of Richmond Hill (full time)
  • Manager of Policy Planning - City of Belleville (full time)
  • Director of Planning Services - The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (full time)
  • Manager of Policy Planning - City of Belleville (full time)
  • Director of Policy and Strategic Planning - City of Toronto (full time)
  • Development Planner - The Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington (full time)
  • Senior Planner - Walker Nott Dragicevic Associates Ltd. (full time)
  • ...and many more!

Upcoming Events and Courses