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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

A New Kind of Planning Advocacy: What OPPI Can Learn From Student Unions for 2020

October 03, 2017


Student unions have a lot in common with OPPI, particularly in their advocacy, service and volunteer management activities. They are predominantly driven by the people they aim to serve, they are reliant on volunteers, and they are well situated to be a clear voice of their sectors. This session will highlight a case study in successful advocacy by the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance. Presenters will address ways to be proactive, to preserve the knowledge and experiences of retiring planners, to maintain a general understanding of trends and to build relations with professionals in related fields. Student unions may just be the answer to OPPI's 2020 strategic goals.
Learning Objectives:
• Understanding how to building a volunteer base for OPPI. 
• Understanding how to be an effective voice of the planning profession.
• Understanding how to shaping public policy.