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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Collective Spatial Decision Making in the GTHA Bike Share Feasibility Study

October 03, 2017


This session will be highlight the methodology and findings of a study by the Toronto Parking Authority and Metrolinx with WSP|MMM to determine the feasibility of bike sharing within the GTHA. It will focus on a collective spatial decision-making process. Applications for other types of projects also will be discussed, including the process's usefulness as a tool to both encourage public engagement and mediate conflict resolution. To illustrate the methodology, participants will be asked to provide weighting criteria for a simple spatial analysis problem.
Learning Objectives:
• Gaining knowledge of new tools for consensus building and collective decision making.
• Gaining knowledge about new tools for incorporating public participatory GIS. 
• Gaining knowledge about approaches to regional bike share planning and incorporating GIS in assessing feasibility.