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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Integrating Heritage and Planning: Exploring the Value of Historical Neighbourhoods

October 03, 2017


30-minute Ignite

The most desirable neighbourhoods are often older, historical neighbourhoods. This session will highlight the key contributing factors to the desirability of these older neighbourhoods. Presenters will use case studies and research findings where traditional planning practice has been integrated with a heritage perspective to create successful sites and neighbourhoods. The ensuing discussion will consider the need to find a balance between conserving the elements that make these neighbourhoods unique, attractive and desirable, and achieving other planning objectives. It will explore the critical factors, and the benefits and challenges of integrated approaches to planning. 
Learning Objectives:
• Gaining knowledge about heritage planning frameworks and their value to the broader planning process.
• Understanding the common ground between heritage planning and the broader community planning.
• Gaining knowledge about the benefits and challenges of integrated approaches to planning.