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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

So, You Want to be a Chief Planner

October 03, 2017


Every chief planner begins his or her career as a frontline planner. This session will explore what you need to know to become a chief planner. The presenters will share their experiences in the varied roles of the chief planner: passionate city builder, adviser to council, relationship builder with the development industry, and member of the municipal senior leadership team. They will offer their insights into the challenges of the role, some of the hurdles they have faced, and how they’ve learned what it takes to succeed. They will also share their thoughts on social media, which provides an evolving opportunity for communicating, community building, and profiling planning issues and initiatives. It's a great job—start charting your course.
Learning Objectives:
• Understanding the four roles every Chief Planner must take on.
• Understanding your comfort level with social media and the Chief Planner role.
• Understanding how to manage your role with both council and the development industry.