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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Community Improvement Plans & Infrastructure

October 04, 2017



This session will explore the connections between community improvement plans and the promotion of resilient communities and infrastructure. Since community improvement plans have a unique ability to target privately-owned property, they can effectively complement a municipality's suite of tools to promote public infrastructure resiliency. In addition to identifying direct grant and loan programs, the session will highlight other tools under Section 28 of the Planning Act, such as land acquisition, to assist in the creation of public infrastructure such as cycling and pedestrian routes. The presenter will highlight case studies and programs being implemented by a variety of municipalities. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the relationship of community improvement plans and creating resilient community infrastructure.
  • Gaining knowledge about community improvement plans that contribute to achieving objectives for resilient infrastructure.
  • Understanding how the various tools under Part IV of the Planning Act can be used to support a variety of infrastructure and pedestrian needs.