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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

OPPI Student Case Competition Champions

October 04, 2017


Student Ignite Session

OPPI Student Case Competition is a day-long event organized by OPPI’s Student Liaison Committee (SLC), which brings teams of 4-6 students from each of the accredited planning programs in Ontario to tackle a real-life challenge. Student teams study the challenge and towards the end of the day, present their recommendations to a panel of Registered Professional Planners (RPPs). Students from the winning team receives complimentary registration and are invited to make a presentation at the Conference. They are also invited to submit an article for July/Aug issue of the Journal (article draft attached).
As the Chair of SLC, Scott Plante led the organization of the event this year and the challenge (Meaford waterfront redevelopment) was provided by Municipality of Meaford. The competition was won by York University’s team (Alex Gatien, Brandon Stevens, Jennifer Spalton, Charles Ng, Brendan Rice and Patrycja Jankowski), and therefore they received free conference registration and were invited to make a presentation at the conference (about their winning proposal on Meaford waterfront redevelopment).