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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

The Changing Rural Economy Around On-Farm Businesses

October 04, 2017


While the face of farming in Grey County is typically either very large corporate operations or smaller niche operators, an emerging market is the horse and buggy community, which is buying marginal farmland and transforming it into productive farms. At the same time, high-tech manufacturing and innovative businesses are being developed on these farms at a rate of about 20 new business applications per year in Grey County. These small innovative on-farm businesses are creating exciting new economic opportunities, but they are also offering some challenges. This session will explore challenges such as land use conflicts, impacts on road infrastructure, density of operations/cumulative impacts, and scale of operations. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Gaining knowledge about an emerging growth opportunity in parts of rural Ontario.
  • Gaining knowledge about some of the challenges related to on-farm businesses, versus businesses in traditional settlement areas.
  • Gaining knowledge about the policy ramifications behind locating such businesses, and the impact of the Provincial Policy Statement.