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Conference 2017

Goran Ćirić, RPP


Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Goran Ćirić has worked in the planning field all his life, first in Europe and now in Canada. He holds a degree in Planning with a minor in architecture, and urban design. In the course of his career, his work has touched on Official Plans, heritage planning and preservation, social and cultural planning, and urban design. Since joining the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, he has played an active role in teams formed to address legislative, regulatory, policy development, housing and urban design issues, all from the perspective of land use planning. He is currently working on a Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy with a focus on second unit policies. In addition to working as a Senior Planner in the Provincial Planning Policy Branch, Goran has served as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Deputy Minister’s office on files related to land use planning and the building code. He also has training in mediation and has worked as a mediator and trained other mediators at St. Stephen’s Community House in Toronto.