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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Nicole Swerhun


Principal, Swerhun Facilitation

Nicole helps connect decision makers, primarily in the public and non-profit sectors, to the constituencies they serve. She works to make complex, often controversial and high profile, multistakeholder urban planning projects constructive and manageable. She does this by creating processes that get information flowing between all those involved, address the issues people care about, and put a heavy focus on demonstrating how different perspectives and priorities influence the end result. Her expertise includes: public policy; strategic process planning; collaborative decision making; public and stakeholder consultation; civic engagement;
public participation; and facilitation.
Nicole has been doing this work for 20 years, and has experience working in cities, regionally, and internationally. She has written an engagement handbook Discuss. Decide. Do., delivers engagement training, teaches Cities Studies Workshop – Engaging the Public in Policy Making at The University of Toronto Scarborough.