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Conference 2017

Sabrina Coletti, RPP, MCIP


Senior Project Manager, WSP

Sabrina Coletti is a Senior Project Manager in WSP’s Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design group.  Sabrina benefits from experience in various areas of the planning, including land use, environmental and planning law.  Sabrina is an accomplished communicator, and her passion lies in the translation of technical jargon in a manner that makes planning issues accessible to the average person.  She has designed and facilitated numerous community engagement programs and events in support of a broad range of projects, such as Official Plan and Zoning By-law Reviews, Heritage Conservation District Studies, Strategic Plans and Class EA studies.  Sabrina is an active member of the International Association for Public Participation and holds a Certificate in the Foundations of Public Participation, which is administered by IAP2.  Sabrina is currently leading a group of community engagement professionals within WSP with a mandate to develop innovative tools and techniques for public and stakeholder engagement.  
Read Sabrina's latest paper along with her colleague, Michi McCloskey, on page 11 of the current issue of the Ontario Planning Journal.  In it, the authors discuss the emerging role of planners as field ambassadors, and the innovative solutions developed to optimize public communications during the delivery of the City of Toronto's Watermain Rehabilitation and Cathodic Protection Program.