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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Tracey Ehl, RPP


Principal, Ehl Harrison Consulting Inc.

Tracey brings groups together to explore ideas, opportunities and issues, identify collaborative approaches, enabling groups to learn together and take action. Tracey is a registered professional planner and certified professional facilitator with over two decades of professional experience in facilitation, public consultation, environmental communications and environmental and strategic planning.  Tracey is currently enrolled in a doctorate program in Resource and Environmental Management with a focus on transformative learning, participation and storytelling.  
Tracey’s project involvement has focused on complex and/or controversial projects in the areas of energy, sustainability, public water system management, municipal planning, transportation and public transit, waste management, wastewater infrastructure, and community development.  As a neutral facilitator, she is responsible for establishing meaningful dialogue with members of the general public, local and national interest groups, political leaders, senior staff members and Aboriginal communities.  Tracey leads flexible and transparent processes firmly based in adult education theory and practice.  Ongoing evaluation is used to strengthen both processes and relationships.  Attending to detail and by considering diversity, clear and creative communication strategies and innovations, she has greatly broadened participation and interest and helped to improve relationships and project outcomes.    
Tracey’s energetic and attentive style has assisted communities locally and internationally to develop supported, realistic solutions and achieve shared goals. She has worked internationally in Ghana, West Africa and Zlin, Czech Republic to develop public involvement approaches and facilitate stakeholder involvement programs.  She has facilitated development education programs for professionals going abroad and visiting from China and Cuba.