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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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200: Integrated Design Process in Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Planning

October 01, 2019

1:15PM - 2:15PM

Ontario is predicted to receive a higher number of extreme rainfall events in coming years, in addition to an overall warmer climate. Effective low impact development (LID) for stormwater management planning is central to building water infrastructure that will be able to withstand the impacts of climate change. Optimized LID design requires input from multiple disciplines including engineering, planning, ecology, landscape architects, hydrogeologists, and policy-makers. There exist many planning frameworks for the development of LID projects, for example, to engage stakeholders, but there lacks a process to involve consultants from these technical professions throughout the development, implementation, and maintenance phases. In this session, participants will learn about LID elements and their contribution to urban resiliency to climate change, understand the importance of consulting various technical professionals when planning LID projects and how to apply integrated design processes for LID projects of varying scales.