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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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402C: Creating Waste Stewards – Shifting Attitudes Towards Waste Systems in Urban Environments

October 01, 2019

4:40PM - 4:55PM

Current consumption patterns favour quick and disposable options for their cost effective price and convenience. These consumption patterns weigh on city infrastructure and service delivery, require more trucks for moving waste to landfills and consume space in landfills, which will only intensify as our cities grow.  The implementation of a circular economy redefines waste practices to focus on the reuse and recycling of products at their “end of life” rather than sending them to landfill. By understanding how people view waste in urban settings, we showcase how the public realm, new technologies and public-private partnerships can work together to cultivate stronger connections between individual consumption and the wider systems driving climate change. In this session, participants will gain knowledge about waste systems and processes in cities, learn about strategies on cultivating straonger connections between individual consumption and systems driving climate change and learn about circular economies and emerging technologies in waste management.