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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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TECH200: UrbanBlocks – Creating Positive and Informed Dialogue Through a Jumbo-Size Urban Development Board Game

October 02, 2019

8:15AM - 4:45PM

Our community is passionate about its city. And so are we. In partnership with the City of Toronto's Planning Division, we created Kids Build Cities, a jumbo-sized board game that helps inspire more informed and positive conversations around urban development. We've engaged over 300 children and parents to date, and helped reduce the fear and automatic defensive response to development by engaging participants in the process of city building and demonstrating how development can be done in consideration of the community.  Organizations which have hosted the game to date include Toronto City Planning, Sidewalk Toronto, Toronto Public Library, Evergreen Brickworks and the Ontario Science Centre. In this session, participants can learn how creative solutions can be used as a way to overcome challenges planners deal with and how to better communicate with non-professional audiences about planning and development issues.