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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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801B: The New Central Business District – Achieving Balanced Growth in Urban Centres

October 03, 2019

11:15AM - 11:45AM

The 25 designated urban growth centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) are experiencing residential growth at varying levels. Very few, Downtown Toronto being the most notable example, are attracting significant employment growth. The unevenness of job growth across the GGH has resulted in overburdened and inefficient transit systems. And most urban growth centres are not becoming true mixed-use centres with the feel and bustle of a downtown. What can we do to get more office development happening in historic and aspiring central business districts and less in low-density, low-amenity employment areas? This session will address this central question and discuss the obstacles and challenges of attracting office development in urban growth centres and how to address them, learn how to prepare action-oriented plans intended to unlock challenging development sites in urban cores and learn about developing policies, incentives and public realm initiatives aimed at attracting office and other development to urban growth centres.