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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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TECH300: Bringing “Planners in Public Spaces” to Amplify Unheard Voices in the City of Toronto

October 03, 2019

8:15AM - 3:00PM

Engaging with the public is a priority for many cities across the world today. Planners in Public Spaces (PIPS) is a public engagement initiative started by Toronto City Planning in 2013. The purpose of PIPS is to bring planners to the people, engage the public, seek diverse opinions, experiences and shares information, one-on-one, on issues that affect the City and provide opportunities to discuss specific concerns the public may have about development and policy in the city. In this session, staff from the City of Toronto will share their insights from public engagement tools and technologies that are currently in use, the effectiveness of these methods, and an analysis of people’s level of engagement. They will also discuss what alternative form of public engagement could be explored, and tips on how to use PIPS to enhance local agency decision-making.