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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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TECH600: Virtual Reality – The Digital Frontier of Participatory City Building

October 03, 2019

8:15AM - 3:00PM

Virtual Reality (VR) holds promise as a powerful tool for those involved in planning, designing and communicating changes to the built environment. This technology allows us to visit spaces we can't otherwise access, explore places that don't yet exist, communicate visions of the future, tell powerful stories, and illustrate our imaginations. Recent advances in 3D modelling and GIS have successfully combined with ever more powerful and accessible VR technology to create the possibility for interactions that are opening up new realms of collaboration, discussion, arguments and debate in modern city zoning, urban planning and design. Virtual Reality offers planners and unprecedented opportunity to build our cities in advance, virtually - and much more collaboratively. In this session, participants will gain knowledge on the potential uses of VR in planning, design and public engagement work, learn how to get started with VR on their own projects and see how to utilize VR to elevate engagement and collaboration.